Doha Roundabout

“Peace in the Doha Roundabout”

I was in a lull and between large illustration projects and an artist friend told me that the solution was exercise; “exhaust yourself in a physical area…and then get out some blank paper and work without planning anything and without expectation.”

This is what came of the drawings. I scanned the little vehicles and started to configure…like a puzzle. It was the end of the year and this activity felt zen-like, as is the final shape. Even the spots of red “accidents” contribute to the calm.

Traffic is everyday Doha. Drivers carry passports from all over the world and the roads host an international culture of their own. When you immerse yourself in another culture, you open yourself up to observation and learning…and sometimes can lean far enough into it to even…like it. That includes D-ring and its roundabouts.

Prints of “Peace in the Doha Roundabout” are available. Please email me for details.
(Framed digital print on A3 Epson archival paper.) 

Numbers 1 to 26 indicate the quantity of a each icon. Once you find 26 of the SUVs, you’re ready to go out into Doha traffic!
The Lateen Sail of a Dhow boat. (Digital print on A3 Epson Archival paper.)