Treasure Trove

No other area of my work can inject such spontaneous uninhibited creativity than the two little packages of random energy in my home, a.k.a. “my sand pirates.”

Strong Bullet

Strong Bullet” After cutting up three pages of A4 paper into little pieces, because “I like the way that the vacuum sucks them up,” this guy was the last one standing…on the coffee table. (The 7-year-old artist notes that there are three pieces of every shape.)

My two sand pirates create drawings and paper-made objects at an overwhelming rate. I collect and store their self-initiated work; pieces imagined out of a particular moment in time that can not be repeated. I can instantly envision their marks as artworks with permanence…artwork that encapsulates their fragile visual story. The images below document some of the projects that the three of us converted into irreplaceable artworks.

I Wunt to fit Pirets (I want to fight Pirates)


Lightening Guys fighting General Rot Exit

“The Lightening Book Guys and General Rot Exit” (Their lines, my colour.)

More Random Beginnings

Work in Progress