New Release (2017)


Author Julia Johnson is based in Dubai and has written dozens of stories for children, which frequently focus on the history and culture of the Arabian Peninsula. Scroll down to see the illustration process of this book.

The Old Man and his Donkey

Written by: Julia Johnson
Publisher: Medina Publishing

“Abu and his donkey have been together for as long as anyone can remember. Everyday they bring water to the village in the mountains, and every day the villagers are waiting for them, ready to fill their pots. Sometimes the donkey carries firewood, sometimes sacks of rice, and in the long dark nights she has a very special job to do. But one day a young man in a shiny truck rolls up. He can carry more of everything and much faster, can’t he? So what will become of Abu and his donkey now? But big isn’t always best, and nothing can rival the experience of an old man and his tired and trusted friend, especially in the mountains!”

Available in Doha stores soon, Amazon, or myself.

 I like seeing a work in progress all at once.

Illustration Process

Printed Book