Creativity is…

These quotes were recorded from personal conversations and interviews. 

“Creativity is ‘being in the zone.’ It is being present; being detached from everything else and being fully engaged in the activity––the process is more important than the product. But the closure of the exploratory process then needs to be brought back and packaged, as opposed to being left raw and open; figuratively speaking, everything is put in a box and acknowledged. Finally, I am the facilitator, but I’m also the participant in the process.”

Tara DeLuca
Art Therapist

“Creativity is…like a nervous reaction and then you have to channel it––like vomit…or a burp. Artists get used to channeling the feeling and work with it. If I was not a painter and I had these feelings I would go jogging…if I were a runner or something. All people have the potential to be creative…just like all people have the potential to vomit.”

 Joan Gollub
Artist and Art Educator

Creativity is the ability to enable the unexpected.
An Artist recognizes creativity and formulates it.
Art Education for children is facilitating their innate creativity.
Art Education for adults is reintroducing and enabling their creative ability. 

Charlene Kasdorf
Illustrator, Artist, Art Educator