Classes & Workshops

Making the Creative Process Accessible.

I have led workshops at several international schools in Qatar since 2013.

Sessions are flexible and designed to meet the needs of the school.
This may entail an ‘illustrator Visit’ as part of a book week, a workshop to enhance the IB curriculum, or bring to life an author & illustrator unit. 

Teacher-specific Workshops

I greatly value time with teachers to boost creative insight founded in the pedagogy of Design Thinking, Reggio Emilia Approach, as well as insight from an Art Therapist. Core factors in these overlapping approaches are observation with empathy, divergent thought process, collaboration, and reflection.


Talking about colour theory, mixing, & children’s psychology

Observation and documentation:
Recording the creative process: noting comments, the sounds of marks being made, photo reflection, and noting emotions.

Liberating gross motor skills…and getting in each other’s spaces!

VCU-Q Community Classes

I have been teaching community classes at VCUQ since 2013.
The range of adult and children’s community classes that I have taught at VCU-Q.

• Digital Illustration
• Spontaneous Inks, Watercolour & Charcoal
• Illustrated Ideas
• Illustrate Your Children’s Story
• Creative Development for Adults working with Children
• I Can’t Even Draw a Stickman
• Art, plus Math & Science––of course! (Ages 7-9)
• Illustrated Ideas (Ages 6-9)
• Expressive Drawing & Painting (Ages 6-9)

VCU-Q Adult Community Classes

“To catch up to you is really exhilarating. It’s like, ‘Where are we going this week?’ It’s a whole week of thought in a lesson. You find things out about yourself.” –Helen

VCU-Q Children’s Summer Classes

For enquiries or to arrange a school visit, please email me.