Classes & Workshops

Making the Creative Process Accessible!

I have led workshops at several international schools in Qatar since 2013. Themes are flexible and designed to meet the needs of the school, whether that be workshops as part of a book week, a professional link to the Fine Arts department, or a unit at any age level focusing on authors and illustrators.

Below is the range of adult and children’s community classes that I have taught at VCUQ since 2013.

• Digital Illustration
• Spontaneous Inks, Watercolour & Charcoal
• Illustrated Ideas
• Illustrate Your Children’s Story
• Creative Development for Adults working with Children
• I Can’t Even Draw a Stickman
• Art, plus Math & Science––of course! (Ages 7-9)
• Illustrated Ideas (Ages 6-9)
• Expressive Drawing & Painting (Ages 6-9)

Teacher-specific Workshops

Teachers nurture the creativity in their students on a daily basis. In turn, it is a privilege to boost and encourage the creativity of teachers.


Talking about colour theory, mixing, & children’s psychology

Observation and documentation:
Taking note of the actions of each individual’s creative process is insightful and a starting point for reflection; this includes writing down comments, listening to the sound of marks being made, taking photos, and noting expressions.

Educational Philosophies:
Design Thinking, The Reggio Emilia Approach, Maker Movement, and Understanding by Design are already  internationally embraced; therefor I feel I am contributing to a direction in art education that is taking shape on a grander scale. Core factors in these overlapping approaches are observation with empathy, divergent thought process, collaboration, and reflection.

Liberating gross motor skills…and getting in each other’s spaces!

VCUQ Community Classes

I have been teaching community classes at VCUQ since 2013. I structure classes in drawing, painting, illustration, and art education that I myself would want to be a part of. When I share my experience and knowledge with others the diverse perspectives feed back into how I approach my own projects. 

VCUQ Adult Community Classes

“To catch up to you is really exhilarating. It’s like, ‘Where are we going this week?’ It’s a whole week of thought in a lesson. You find things out about yourself.” –Helen

VCUQ Children’s Summer Classes

For enquiries or to arrange a school visit,
please email me.