Classes & Workshops


My objective is to make creativity accessible and share the processes of illustrating books and developing artwork.

I have led workshops at several international schools in Qatar since 2013. Themes are flexible and designed to meet the needs of the school, whether that be a workshop as part of a book week, creative day, or a unit focusing on authors and illustrators.



In workshops or classes, I am a facilitator; presenting concepts, techniques, tools, and extreme perspectives to influence the mindset of each individual. Given that every individual’s contribution broadens my own understanding of art and seeing, I am also a participant and allow for space to explore the unexpected.

To observe and document the actions of each individual’s creative process is insight into each participant’s thinking; this includes writing down comments, listening to the sound of marks being made, taking photos, and noting facial expressions. This is a starting point for reflection on each participant’s creative process.

Philosophies such as Design Thinking and The Reggio Emilia Approach are already  internationally embraced; therefor I feel I am contributing to a direction in art education that is taking shape on a grander scale.

Exercising our gross motor skills…and getting in each other’s spaces!

VCUQ Community Classes

I have been teaching community classes at VCUQ since 2013. I structure classes in drawing, painting, and illustration that I myself would want to be a part of. When I share my experience and knowledge with others I not only connect with others in a creative capacity, but that time feeds back into how I approach my own subsequent projects; it’s a symbiotic relationship that benefits the participants in the class as well as myself. 


VCUQ Adult Classes

A participant’s quote that I’ve kept on my desktop since the class:
“To catch up to you is really exhilarating. It’s like, “Where are we going this week?” It’s a whole week of thought in a lesson. You find things out about yourself.” Helen

VCUQ Children Classes

Student & Teacher Workshops

Teachers nurture the creativity in their students on a daily basis. A little time to inspire teachers’ creativity is a privilege.