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I am an artist, illustrator, and art educator. Inevitably, each area influences and strengthens the other…a symbiotic relationship, really. As a child, I didn’t imagine the first two careers to be obtainable, and the third I was sure I would never pursue.

I grew up in the prairies of Canada and spent no-school days rummaging through boxes of paper in my parents’ family-run print shop. This routine, filled with paper––and a mother who drew sketches at my request––was the perfect setting for someone who liked to draw.

To study graphic design after high school was a logical choice. I spent the first part of my creative career working in the graphic design industry, honing my skills within advertising agencies, the provincial museum, and design studios.

I never would have imagined all the countries I would live in…and the experience and education that I would commit to along the way. Had I stayed in Canada, it is likely that I would have found my way to the creative balance that I live and love now. In hindsight it seems inevitable.

Masters in Education (Honours), 2010
Bachelor of Fine Art (Honours.), 2007
Diploma in Advanced Graphic Design (Honours.), 2000
Diploma in Graphic Design (Honours.), 1999
Private Art Lessons with established artist , 1995-1998

Past collaborations with Qatar include working with:
MIA, UCL, Qatar Museums Family Programmes, Akkadia Press,
Medina Publishing, and various International schools in Doha.

Charlene contributes to and broadens her perspective from friendships and connections within:
Association of Illustrators,
Plein Arts Group, 
International Artists of Doha

The middle one is keenly aware of the photographer.
Ernesto Neto’s interactive art was my family’s happy place for the duration that it was in Doha.